This respected and well-established service company exists for a single reason: to provide services to our clients that result in greater economic freedom, personal freedom, and the greatest possible opportunities from life.

These may sound like lofty goals, but all of these and additional benefits can be achieved through second nationality status through the Dominican Citizenship via Investment.

The fast track to economic citizenship is this company’s specialty. We are proud to have a team on the ground in Dominica who are ready to do whatever is ethically and legally possible to smooth the path toward second citizenship. We understand that applicants rely on our service for assistance navigating the often-problematic road to a second passport and related benefits of second citizenship.

In many cases, applications processed with our assistance can be completed in as little as three to five months. No company can promise faster results. In addition, no company can claim such a long and successful history in helping people find the freedoms they need.

Our success as a company is directly related to our clients’ success in obtaining second nationality status, and our company has enjoyed a great deal of success assisting people obtain dual citizenship in Dominica and other Caribbean islands offering second citizenship.

Issues arise with almost every application, and in some cases the issues are important enough to derail the economic citizenship process if not handled properly. Because of our experienced offshore specialists and professional lawyers, we can put our dozen years of experience to work for our clients and get most applications back on track with minimal delay.

We do this by working within the nation’s own rules and then watching and checking on applications as they go through the proper channels to make sure they are completed quickly and efficiently.

For those who desire a second passport and the freedoms that come with it, we are a proven leader.

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