For most people who are considering economic citizenship through foreign investment, the reasons for taking this important step are already all too clear. This could involve travel restrictions, monitoring and business roadblocks put in place by the potential second citizenship applicant’s home nation.

The economic citizenship program from Dominica has some advantages over other similar programs that make it especially appealing. These include:

• documentation availability for a spouse and children up to age 21,
• visa-free travel privileges to 65+ nations,
• complete freedom from many taxes, including personal income tax,
• corporate tax incentives, import duty incentives and other incentive packages, and
• availability to people who originate from most nations around the world.

In addition, moving to the beautiful tropical paradise is allowed, although not required for participation.

While navigating the second citizenship application process alone is possible, getting a second passport and related documentation is easier when a reputable company with a trusted reputation in Dominica stands beside the applicant throughout the application process.

Our company is pleased to help those with a serious interest in economic citizenship find the new freedoms they desire in as little as three to five months. No other company can promise faster results.

Even better, Dominica grants irrevocable, full citizenship that can never be rescinded, so completing the process brings a lifetime of freedoms and benefits.

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