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    If my Dominica Citizenship application is unsuccessful, will I receive a full refund of my citizenship investment?

    The Dominica Government will refund all citizenship investment fees if you are unsuccessful in being awarded Dominica Citizenship

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    Do I have to travel to Dominica?

    It is mandatory that all applicants have a Dominica Citizenship interview. Interviews normally take place in Dominica on the last Friday of each month. However, the Dominica Citizenship Committee also conducts interviews in Dubai every three months and also in London, UK. We would work with you to schedule an interview to coincide with the Committee’s dates.

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    How do I go about organizing an interview outside of Dominica?

    We will liaise with the Dominica Citizenship Committee to ensure that your interviews are scheduled for a date that is convenient for both parties. However, these interviews are at the applicant’s expense. Costs include the Committee’s air fare (Business Class), daily hotel costs for the three committee members plus a standard US $3,000 for holding the Dominica Citizenship interview outside of Dominica.

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    I do not speak English. Can I have a translator attend my interview?

    Members of our staff are multilingual, and we also have an approved list of translators available to assist. However, it is important that you speak a basic level of English. The Committee will expect you to try to speak and then call in the translator if necessary.

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    If I apply as a single applicant for Dominica Citizenship and subsequently get married, will my spouse automatically receive Dominica Citizenship?

    No, not under your application. Your spouse would have to apply as a single applicant.

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    If I have applied as a Dominica Citizenship family application and I subsequently have another child, can I apply for them under my Citizenship family application?

    Please contact us to discuss this further as the government is currently debating what price to set for this.

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    I have children from a previous marriage. May I apply for them as dependents with my economic Citizenship application?

    Yes. Dominica recognizes equal rights of all children. In this instance, you must provide additional documents. These can be a letter from the biological parent explaining that he/she has no objections to the participation of the child (children) in the citizenship program, as well as the Dominica Citizenship application form, a birth certificate and medical questionnaire. Please contact us for the full list of the necessary documentation.

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    My partner and I are not married. May we apply as a Dominica Citizenship family application?

    No. For a Dominica Citizenship Family application, the main applicant must be married.

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    Can my Dominica Citizenship ever be revoked?

    Only if you have provided false information when making an application, otherwise no.



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