Citizenship through investment programs are offered by certain countries, to people who desire greater business, personal and political freedoms. Citizens from oppressive nations who have the means to make a financial contribution to a citizenship through investment program can receive a second passport, and are not required to live in the nation that grants economic citizenship.

Many nations severely restrict or monitor their citizens. Even more nations limit what citizens can do with their financial resources. In some cases, nations are so disliked around the world that traveling with a passport bearing that nation’s name can subject a person to restrictions or worse. But people born into these unfortunate situations can participate in a citizenship through investment program and obtain dual citizenship. Along with this additional citizenship status comes all the rights and benefits of being a citizen of the participating country.

The United States and Canada offer investment programs aimed at foreign citizens, but the programs are limited and difficult to navigate. The U.S., for example, only accepts 10,000 applicants per year. But some Caribbean nations including Dominica welcome economic citizenship applications.

The application process can be difficult, so having a professional liaison assist with the application makes sense. Our company serves as your representative in Dominica, smoothing the flow of information and making sure the application process is completed successfully.

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