Many people who seek second citizenship through investment know exactly why they want it. Having a second passport and the benefits that come with it can protect a person’s interests and his or her life.

People may wish to consider citizenship via investment if any of the following are true:

• The home country limits business interests and investments.
• The home government taxes unfairly.
• A passport from the home nation puts a person at risk of mistreatment.
• A person’s home country monitors or restricts travel.
• Children are required to perform national service or enter the military.
• The home nation is unstable and could be overthrown, invaliding passport and citizenship papers.
• A family needs protection from repercussions, retribution or other misfortunes that are difficult to explain.

Every person’s reasons are his or her own, but getting a second passport without assistance can be a difficult process — and it is one we do not recommend. Our company has helped hundreds of people meet their goal of obtaining citizenship through investment using legal, ethical, and innovative means. Because our company is based in Dominica, we can smooth the road and speed the process.

To get started on the pathway toward a second passport via citizenship through investment, contact us now. We cannot help until we are contacted. No matter the reasons, economic citizenship can be a smart course of action to secure more freedoms and ensure greater safety.

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